Prepping rear shock with boots.  TIP set the adjustable on the lowest setting so you can move the shock up/down to install

Remove rear shock

Rear shock installed

Old shocks

Summary:  Total job time f/r was about 1 hour.  Expect it to be a bit longer if you do not have air tools.  WD 40 makes on/off much easier.  This is a simple driveway job, using common hand tools, air is great, but certainly not needed.  I use 18mm sockets and a ¾ open/15 mm open end to hold the bolts.

My truck did not need to be jacked up, its was high enough in its OEM form to work under and easily get at the shocks and mounts.

I cannot recommend this upgrade enough and as you can see adjusting the shocks is a 1 min job by leaning in and twisting a knob.  I have them set on 5 in front and 3 in rear starting out.  I went with 3 on the rear as I have stable loads when at rest are in contact with the helper spring.  I think 3 should be enough, but will experiment.

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