Mdl 254


On a recent trip our Norcold fridge stopped working on gas and started drawing on electric.  It was showing a 'F' for a issue, which the Norcold book sez is 'out of propane' or 'air in the line'.

We stopped in a Camping World at near 5 pm (closing) and spoke with the shop foreman and a mech.  Both thought it was possibly the Mdl 254 Dual 2 stage Auto Gas Regulator as made by Marshall Gas Controls.  As they did not have the part in stock and we were only about 2 hrs from home we headed out.  The mech said its an easy replace and doable with common hand tools.  TWEETYS is only a few miles from where we live so I stopped down there and picked one up.

Old unit, remove LP bottles, remove the gas lines on each side, the white plastic vent protector and the main line on the bottom

Tools:  9/16, 7/16, steel brush, ratchet , phillips head

Removing the main gas line to the camper from the regulator using a ¾ and a 11/16 wrenchs

There are 4 small screws that attach it to the wall, remove those and the unit come out

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