Electric Gate

Time to install an electric gate on the place to make driving in and out a lot easier.  One guy wants $4000 bucks and he supplies the motor!  Other were nearly as expensive.

Had a contractor over doing some other work and he installed the electric for $150!  I went out and got the motor/kit $359.  Total $500, but still need to pick up the pad that lets visitors open gate with code…maybe $100 max.  Took contractor bit less than 2 hrs to do it.  It came setup for solar, so I took a Sears Die Hard Deep Cycle battery and a 5 watt solar panel I had which I had been using to charge it and added it.  That cost was $39.95 for solar by Coleman @ Wal Mart and $189 for the Sears battery both which are about 3 years ole.  Total investment $800 (max) vs $4000.  Maybe he has a CRACK habit he supports??

DieHard in battery box

Controller box (open for programming)

Motor, battery, controller  

Coleman solar panel, 5 watt

Solar, controller, motor, battery

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