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My AF 1150 appears to take Group 31 batteries, least wise from the external dimensions that appears to be the case. 

So my trek began. In search off new batteries.

No matter where I read or what I read or even what the answer was it was ALWAYS predicated with: 'how much you want to spend' and 'intended use'. In every case, I saw this as only a ruse to keep from making a real suggestion or commitment. 

For our purposes there is one key group: Automotive and this is often broken down into SUV, Marine, RV, hot/cold climate and trucks.  In amongst this are deep cycle, starting and combo. Then there are lead acid, gel and AGM types.I will not go into the pros/cons; there is plenty of info available now.  Suffice to say my research did lead me to several conclusions:

1) Gel, just say no!

2) 6v Vs 12v: Here I surmised that all factors being equal its a coin toss at best. However, the 6v does have one major drawback that 12v do not.  Quite simply they are 6v batteries.  Hook them together in a 12v requirement 2 up and if one battery goes then you are down 6v and up a creek with no paddle.  You cannot make 12v out of 6v and this can really spoil a vacation in the outback.

3) Better lead (purity) makes for better batteries

4) Vibration is NOT your friend therefore you need a battery with at least a modicum of vibration construction will not hurt!

  If the intended use is in your camper (truck, tow model or just house batteries for your motor rig) and your requirements are for 1 or 2  then my recommendation is a pair of AGM (absorbed glass mat), mil-spec construction for vibration resistance, available from a supplier with a nation-wide footprint and who stands behind their products with little or no hassle.

5) Finally cost: If you have the ducats and want to spend them then there are some high end batteries at this level whose cost FAR exceeds $300 per unit, in fact into the $500 is not a problem. I cannot say if they are 'x' times better than a battery costing less. 

Based upon my research and criteria my pick is as follows:


  • Sears, PM-1 Platinum Marine Battery from DieHard features 205 minutes of reserve capacity and 1150 cold cranking amps.
  • Military-grade construction features robust casing for increased compression and offers superior vibration resistance
  • Plates made of 99.99% pure virgin lead
  • High purity grade acid held safely in place by glass mats; non-spillable design
  • Absorbed Glass Mat construction provides mounting flexibility & guarantees longer service life
  • 3-Year Free Replacement Limited Warranty
  • Cost was $239.99, which is $10 bucks off, and THEN today was veterans appreciation day and being an Army guy I got another 10% off.

My rig came with Trojan's and I guess they are a good battery but they fail to meet my requirements as listed above.

But batteries aside the real culprit is battery cables.  New or old batteries if your cables are not up to par neither will be the batteries.

Old OEM battery setup, note cabling

new cabling

Old connectors, note the screw indents

new connectors soldered and heat shrinked

Soldering the connector, note solder 'bullet' pinkish color next to the connector

IMG 0463 3
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